Our research center was part of our history since the founding of Hanjin Chemical in 1963.

Since the founding of Hanjin Chemical in 1963, our research center has been the core of the Korean coating industry, and have been in the forefront of innovative research utilizing high-tech equipment and a passion-driven mindset.

Leading the industry through quality products

Through constant innovation, we have been able to lead not only Korea but the global market with our high functionality wood coating and UV-curable coating products as these became the market standard. Beyond these items, we have always been on the forefront of product ingenuity through examples such as our special plastic coating paint and wood coating paint.

Research and Development for the Best Technologies

Hanjin Chemical has always been the leader in developing technologies for our consumers, but we have also been implementing various pilots to take our theoretical research to reality. To live up to our past 40 years of research activity, we will continue to invest in talent and our facility to become best-in-class in industry technology.