About Us

Hanjin Chemical Inc. has become the top brand in specialized paint through an expansive library developed throughout the long company history.
Hanjin Chemical Inc. began in 1963 with the first product, Kwangmyung paint, and has been leading the world’s paint industry under the mantra of responsibility and trust.
To keep with the dynamically-changing industry of a global age, Hanjin Chemical Inc. successfully transformed themselves to expert producers of specialized paint, and through constant R&D and CAPEX investments, they have been able to create new products and new technologies standing in line with top global companies and growing constantly to new heights. Various products Hanjin Chemical Inc.
produce such as paint for plastic, UV-curing, high-quality instruments, wood, and industrial, have earned the distinction of top-quality throughout the world with the approval of KS mark (a mark for standardization of technology in Korea), UL mark, and ISO 9001, but also Hanjin Chemical Inc. was rewarded top-export prize during the Day of Trade, making Hanjin Chemical Inc. a textbook example of the advancement of the paint industry. Hanjin Chemical Inc.
promises to always have respect for human-kind, keep customers-first, maintain technology-focused, and be action-oriented to provide the best quality and service.