We will continue to research with a progressive and visionary mindset.
We truly appreciate all our customers for putting your love and support behind us since our humble beginnings in 1963.
  • · President of Hanjin Chemical Inc.
  • · Korean Paint and Ink Industry Union Chairman
  • · Suwon-si Prosecutor’s Office, President of Anyang-Region Crime Prevention Division
To continue paving the way in an ever-growing competitive national and international market, we were allowed by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology to build a R&D lab in 1986 to create a technologically intensive special coating material, and continue to research even now. Also, trading technology with Treffert (Germany), a top global company, we were able to acquire a strong global technology for industrial coating material, and environmentally friendly water-soluble coating technology.

We at Hanjin chemical will make sure to reach your expectation through rigorous quality assurance, B/S and A/S from start of production to sales, and through out customer-first business philosophy. We will continue to strive to be thought leaders in the industry.
President Ahn Sungchul