A color design center that focuses on growing the company into a global leader in the paint industry.

Our dream is to become a global leader in the area of the paint industry that deals with design. We created a new business unit that unifies all business activities that relates to this specific market, and since been working on design development, education, advertisements, exhibition, and designer meetings throughout the world based on client needs.
Hanjin Chemical Design Center DCW (Design Color Works) provides deep insight into the global design trends and main issues for the near-term future regarding color, and material design and the way it should continue to grow. DCW provides color solutions for clients needing breakthrough using our global network, and technological development for the future of the industry.
Trend Analysis
We present an annual mid to long-term plan for color trends in automotive and cosmetics through trend analysis with global trend experts and companies through constant research.
Color Design Process
DCW provides expert color service through industry-specific trend analysis, and developed a sophisticated design color system through collaboration with the R&D department.
Color Consulting
Hanjin Design Center color experts lead various projects consulting and creating research regarding color. Hanjin chemical has increased its marketability through the constant work from the design center.

Reporting Color Trend

  • Research
    Create data based on age, gender, and customer satisfaction focusing on fashion and cultural districts.
  • Color Development Direction
    Taking color samples and creating actual coating paint, and utilizing color variation to see how each color work in different scenarios.
  • Progression of Color Development
    Actualizing color samples into coating paint, and testing the paint's color variations to be able to apply in various scenarios
  • Creation and Usage of Colorbook
    Create colorbooks and apply trending colors to models